‘Confused’ driver overlooks police lights, siren Monday

A "confused" motorist did not stop but was followed by a Perry Police Department patrol vehicle with lights and siren activated from Willis Avenue and Second Street to the Tyson Fresh Meats parking lot Monday morning.

Officers of the Perry Police Department and a staff translator with the Tyson Fresh Meats plant near Perry explain that lights and sirens mean stop to a “confused” motorist Monday morning.

A patrolling officer of the Perry Police Department encountered a vehicle with its headlights off about 6 a.m. Monday at Willis Avenue and Second Street in downtown Perry.

The officer tried to make a traffic stop and activated the patrol vehicle’s emergency lights and siren, but the oblivious motorist continued westbound on Willis Avenue at about 25 mph until reaching the parking lot of Tyson Fresh Meats west of Perry and finally coming to a stop near the north end of Idaho Court.

Radio traffic indicated the officer made contact with the motorist and judged the operator of the vehicle was not trying to elude law enforcement but was only “confused,” the officer said.

A record check indicated the motorist has a valid license to drive in Iowa.

When a language barrier was discovered to be impeding communication between the peace officer and the inattentive driver, the officer made contact with the Tyson security detail, and the factory authorities provided a translator to facilitate the interaction.

It is unknown at this hour whether any citations were issued in the incident by the Perry Police Department.

ThePerryNews.com will update this story as information becomes available.


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