Council approves phase-one improvements at city rec center

Tim Olson, principal and managing partner of Polk City-based ETHOS Design Group, outlined the expedited schedule for replacement of the MCB boilers and chillers at Monday night's meeting of the Perry City Council.

The Perry City Council unanimously approved a $280,000 plan Monday night for replacing the old and failing heating and cooling systems at the McCreary Community Building.

The project will involve removing the original chillers and boilers — now nearly 40 years old — from the MCB’s mechanical infrastructure and replacing them with new units. The building’s water heaters are also slated for replacement.

The council awarded the contract for the work to the Des Moines-based Baker Group at a cost of $280,949.

The Baker Group bid was nearly $200,000 lower than estimates received last year for the work, which priced replacement of the boiler system at about $212,000 and a new chiller system at about $265,000.

Tim Olson, principal and managing partner of Polk City-based ETHOS Design Group, the architecture firm managing the city project, outlined for the city council the “expedited schedule for replacement” of the 36-year-old mechanical heating and cooling units.

Olson said the boilers and chillers have reached the “triage” stage of their useful lives, and replacement will begin as soon as the Baker Group secures the new units. He said bids will be let in January for replacement of the MCB’s water heaters, a project estimated to cost about $50,000.

The long overdue repairs to the MCB’s mechanical infrastructure will be followed by an outdoor aquatics facility, a new gymnasium, an enlarged senior center and the conversion of the MCB theater into a strength-and-conditioning room.

The upgrades are parts of the larger Perry Parks and Trails Master Plan, which foresees future development of trails and green spaces, neighborhood parks and regional parks.


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