Dallas County Public Health Department affects you

Team members of the Dallas County Public Health Department confer.

You may not realize it, but public health affects you daily. The Dallas County Health Department is your local public health entity.

Need vaccines or a flu shot? The Dallas County Health Department provides them and can bill your insurance. If your child has no health insurance or is under-insured, free vaccines are given through the Vaccines for Children Program. Call 515-993-3750 to schedule immunizations.

Hear of an outbreak of foodborne or communicable disease? The Dallas County Health Department conducts surveillance and investigations to identify trends, root causes and potential exposures.

Are we prepared for a health disaster? Your health department participates in preparedness planning with community partners and is poised to respond to public health emergencies and natural disasters. This includes communicable disease epidemics and health risks from floods or storms.

As the community’s chief health strategist, The Dallas County Health Department collaborates with a broad array of allies, including the non-health sectors. Examples are:

  • Supporting the improvement of community walkability with efforts such as the Walking School Bus and improvements to the recreation trails.
  • Working on grassroots efforts to add healthy food options for residents, including the popular mobile food pantries and the pop-up produce stands in communities without grocery stores.
  • Supporting opportunities for social connection with referrals to book clubs in local libraries and to the group therapy sessions of Senior Life Solutions at the Dallas County Hospital.
  • Advocating for policies that support health. Congratulations are due to Perry and Dexter for earning a Water Fluoridation Quality award from the CDC. This award recognizes communities in Iowa that have maintained consistent levels of fluoride in drinking water, which helps prevent 25 percent of tooth decay in children and adults.

On an individual level, your Dallas County Health Department offers assistance locating services, such as appropriate living situations for older adults, affordable insurance and much more.

For more information on your local public health department, call 515-993-3750 or visit the Dallas County Public Health Department website.


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