DMACC Perry offers Career Advantage classes at Panorama High

Panorama High School student Drew Taylor of Stuart says taking Career Advantage college courses through the DMACC Perry is a "huge opportunity." Photo courtesy DMACC

The DMACC Perry VanKirk Career Academy is now partnering with Panorama High School to offer additional Career Advantage classes to high school students at Panorama High School.

There will be six classes offered at Panorama High School in the upcoming spring semester:

  1. Sociology
  2. Human Relations in Management
  3. Composition II on M/W
  4. Political Science
  5. Composition II on T/TH
  6. Speech

DMACC Perry VanKirk Center Director Eddie Diaz said this is a unique opportunity for Panorama High School students and their parents because while the COVID-19 pandemic has offered plenty of new challenges to the education system, it has also come with some silver linings.

“The courses transitioned to a virtual delivery model that allows students to earn college credits that were previously not available to them at their school,” Diaz said.

He said the Panorama and DMACC teams spent a considerable amount of time selecting the courses that offered the most transferability and student interest, adding to the existing dual-credit courses already taught at Panorama.

“We think we are building a model that can help rural schools offer a wide range of college courses in various areas while keeping costs and quality in mind,” Diaz said.

The DMACC Career Advantage program was formed as a partnership with area high schools, providing students the opportunity to earn college credits and high school credits at the same time.

High school students are able to enroll and complete Career Advantage classes at their high school, at DMACC or online at no personal financial cost since they are a part of the state’s supplemental funding program. Students are able to focus on a Career Academy or explore other career options.

Diaz said students are also able to take web-blended, virtual or face-to-face courses directly from the DMACC VanKirk Center in a variety of areas, including electricity, criminal justice, history, psychology, literature and others.

“Having the ability to take college courses and get a head start on my college career is a huge opportunity that I am very grateful for,” Panorama High School student Drew Taylor of Stuart said.

DMACC VanKirk Advisor Tom Lipovac said high school counselors and Career Advantage Advisors work together, assisting students to achieve their career dreams.

“The staff of the DMACC at Perry VanKirk Career Academy values the relationship with the Panorama School District and the efforts of Superintendent of Schools Shawn Holloway, Principal Thad Stanley and Counselor Chris Webner in supporting and coordinating this opportunity for Panorama High School students,” Lipovac said.

For more information on the DMACC classes offered at Panorama High School, students can contact their high school counselor Chris Webner at or 641-755-2317. Career Advantage Advisor Tom Lipovac can also be reached at 515-428-8100 or

Dan Ivis is the media liaison for the Des Moines Area Community College.


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