El Tren owner Jose Calderon buys Frio ice cream store in Perry

El Tren owner Jose Calderon, left, is assisted at Thursday's lunch hour by Carolina Garcia, center, and Laura Villamontes. Calderon has purchased the Frio ice cream store at 1114 First Ave. and will occupy both locations starting next spring.

El Tren restaurant owner Jose Calderon announced Thursday his purchase of the Frio ice cream store at 1114 First Ave. from Maxwell Properties LLC. The popular taqueria, which will close for the season this Sunday, will occupy both locations starting next spring, Calderon said.

Calderon, assisted by his brother Ignacio Calderon, started serving food out of the Caboose Park in July 2016, when they opened El Mago, the magician, later changing the name of the caboose restaurant to El Tren, the train.

EL Tren, the winner of the 2019 Golden Taco Award for Perry’s best steak taco, will continue serving its savory Mexican food out of the caboose and will continue scooping ice cream at Frio, with a few food dishes also offered at the ice cream shop, Calderon said.

The Frio store opened August 2018, the brainchild of former Hotel Pattee General Manager Aaron Lenz. The shop operated for two seasons, selling Blue Bunny brand ice cream and locally produced flavors.

Calderson is purchasing the 41-year-old, 2,750-square-foot building on contract from Maxwell Properties for $135,000, according to county records.


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