Fugitive flees on foot but nabbed by deputy sheriff near Red Carpet


shane smith 4 july 1
Shane Tylor Smith in a June 1, 2016 mug shot. Photo courtesy Dallas County Sheriff’s office

A fugitive in a stolen car was caught by a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff after a brief foot chase Friday night near the Red Carpet Inn at U.S. Highway 169 and Iowa Highway 141 in rural Bouton.

Shane Tylor Smith, 36, of Perry was taken into custody about 8:40 p.m. after trying to elude law enforcement by running from the stolen 2001 Cadillac De Ville and hiding in weeds at the rear of 14123 N Ave., according to Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Ryan Bowers.

Bowers said Smith was arrested on charges of second-degree theft and driving while license revoked and on three outstanding Dallas County warrants. He was transported to the Dallas County Jail.

Bowers said a full report of the incident will be available Monday.

Shane Tylor Smith in a February 2016 photo on the Iowa Sex Offenders Registry
Shane Tylor Smith in a February 2016 photo on the Iowa Sex Offenders Registry

Responding to the incident alongside the Dallas County Sheriff’s office were the Iowa State Patrol, the Perry Police Department and the Woodward Police Department.

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  1. This is a very sad story of a very bright, hard-working man who has been dealing with addictions and legal problems for many years. I know this because I am his father. We can only pray that he will get the help that he needs to get his life back on track. I know that he is safe now and will receive food and shelter and be free of his addictions for a while. My hope is that he is sentenced to an inpatient drug rehabilitation center, something that he has never received. His true persona is one of a very loving and humorous man.

    • You should also see if there is anyway you can get him in front of a mental health specialist. That may help dig up what is really going on. No matter what they find, they can suggest a course of treatment. One of the new models about addiction is it is a learning disorder. Essentially, someone’s brain is not learning to make new and better decisions. So there is some hope, but always remember we don’t dig our holes overnight (usually takes decades), and we don’t fill them in overnight either.

    • The courts sentenced my son to treatment at Bridges of Iowa. It’s a long-term thing where they get to work and transition back into society, learn to be independent, not a 30-day shock thing. Advocate for him to get real help. I know my son has been down a long road with his addiction, and I know how hard it is as a parent. I pray this is the answer, and I’m sorry your family is going through this.

  2. I agree 100 percent with you, Dan. Seeing this video literally made me feel sick and brought tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart. I care about Shane, and I know that it is his addictions that take over him in a way he hasn’t been given the opportunity to overcome. Prison is not the place for him. As you said, he needs an intense rehab. I pray that he’ll be given the chance for that so he can finally free himself from this demon of addiction he’s fought for so many years of his life. Makes my heart sad for him. 🙁


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