Greene County Med Center offers LTC aide class with job opportunity


Greene County Medical Center’s long-term care facility has partnered with Iowa Central Community College to offer nurse’s aide training in conjunction with employment at the medical center as a universal worker in long-term care.

The program will start Oct. 1 and will offer free tuition to students interested in becoming a certified nurse’s aide. The Greene County Medical Center will also waive certification testing fees as part of their employee education reimbursement plan.

As a universal worker, experience in the long-term care setting will be ongoing during the education program.

The course, 75 hours with 90 percent required attendance, will be completed over 22 days of classroom and clinical time. It will be designed around part-time or full-time work options.

The course will be taught by medical center personnel, including Long-Term Care Nurses Carol Christensen and Vicki McCool, certified MDS Coordinator Deb Schoon and Public Health Nurse Laine Custer.

Participants will be expected to honor the required 12-month employment requirement, or tuition and testing fees will be reclaimed by the medical center. Course and testing fees are valued at $500.

For more information about employment at the medical center, contact the Greene County Medical center Human Resources Department at 515-386-0190 or Long-Term Care Director Lori Harrah at 515-386-0207.


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