Injuries but no citations in two-car collision Monday evening

Injuries but no citations were the outcome when two passenger vehicles collided at the corner of Fifth Street and Otley Avenue about 7:15 p.m. Monday.

Monday night’s two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Fifth Street and Otley Avenue in Perry resulted in injuries but no citations, according to a report of the Perry Police Department.

According to the report,¬†Cesar Miguel Castillo Duarte, 21, of 1707 Iowa St. in Perry was traveling northbound in the 900 block of Fifth Street in his 2002 Honda Accord. Duarte’s vehicle entered the intersection at Otley Avenue and struck broadside a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant, owned and operated by Luis Alfonso Torres, 42, of 409 Grove St. in Perry, which was traveling eastbound in the 1400 block of Otley Avenue.

Torres was transported to the Dallas County Hospital by the Dallas County EMS, and  Duarte was treated at the scene by the Dallas County EMS.

Duarte told the officer of the Perry Police Department who investigated the crash that “he could not see the yield sign due to overgrown tree branches that were blocking the sign.” According to the report, the officer “later looked at this issue and found the tree branches were in need of being trimmed back so the sign was more visible.”

The officer interviewed Torres at the Dallas County Hospital, and Torres said that “he was traveling eastbound on Otley Street and after reaching the intersection, the next thing he recalled was his vehicle was pushed up alongside the curb.”

Duarte was not issued a citation for failure to yield “due to the tree branches blocking the sign,” the report said.


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