Letter to the editor: Taxes, trans athletes, abortion irk reader

"If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us," President Donald J. Trump said Nov. 5..

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Brent Hegstrom’s letter, “Trump’s done. Now comes the hard part.”

Only liberal fools would believe their taxes will not be going up in a Biden administration. He says anyone making under $400K a year will not see an increase, and you believe this, huh?

It’s been a basis for the Democratic platform for years. Where you been, Brent? Idiot AOC’s Green New Deal, doing away with the Electoral College? More crazy liberal ideas.

And Kamala Harris? She’s not a left-wing radical, is she? Co-sponsoring a bill that would force public schools to allow biologically male athletes, who identify as transgender girls, to compete against real girls. How unfair to real girls is this?

Do you care? Probably as much as you do about late-term abortion, right? Harris didn’t even “place” at the Democratic debates she did so poorly, so we all know why Biden picked her for the ticket: he was told to by the left.

Thank God the Republicans didn’t lose the senate or the country would be finished. I’m sure Biden/Harris will follow your “suggestions.”

Jim Russell
Omaha, Nebraska


  1. Everything you say is true. Liberals are either too stupid or too naive to understand. Or both. I can see some sort of revolution coming. Dems will certainly get destroyed in 2022. Hopefully, the Republicans will keep control of the Senate and be able to block most of the far-left radical agenda. If not, it will be a disaster, and that is when the revolution will start. Not a neighbor-vs.-neighbor revolution but something along the lines of some of the far-left radicals having accidents or mysteriously disappearing.

  2. You men with your adverse replies are living in a cave, so deeply buried that you believe there is nothing other than a self-righteous, hate-mongering, right-wing way of life. “Believe as I believe, or I hate you, will cause you harm.” That is not America, not the United States of America. I hope those elected to pubic office, be it Senate or House, Republican or Democrat, remember that they are there to represent the American people, not just the Republicans, not just the Democrats. And now I will tell you what you told us for the last four years. “STOP WHINING! YOU’RE CRYING JUST BECAUSE YOU LOST!” I hope you pull your heads out and see beyond your hate. What a sad life you must have!

    • I hope Biden turns out to be a good president. But apparently some of you haven’t been paying attention to the actions of the left-wing anarchists the past few months. And I am a former Democrat and registered Independent, so don’t give me you self-righteous b.s.

      • What a foolish reply. Mary was asking you to join the 21st century. But you’re apparently not interested. Too focused on hate and chaos. Enjoy your miserable life. In the meantime, our government, Democrats and Republicans, will get back to governing and moving forward. Thanks for your excellent response, Mary.

        • That’s some funny crap you post. I am sure my life is a lot better than your pathetic whiny existence. I’m less worried about Joe Biden than I am about the losers like AOC, Schumer, Tlaib, Omar, Pelosi, Warren and the other left-wing radicals that will be pulling his strings. Of course, I wouldn’t expect someone as uninformed as you to understand that. lmao.

          • It’s commendable that you are getting a handle on your insecurities and are willing to share them so openly with the public. If false bravado is what it takes to get through what must be a very difficult time for you, we are not here to judge. Best of luck in your new reality.

  3. Since we are seeing today the outlandish behavior of Mr. Trump, I am very relieved he will be out of office. I disagree with him politically most of the time, but that is not why I voted against him. I voted for Mr. Biden because Mr. Trump is a despicable person, a hateful human being, and we all deserve to have better representation in the White House! Mr. Biden truly cares, and he is selecting people to work with him who truly care. He will do great!

    • You think Biden truly cares? He doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. I do not understand why anyone would want someone so feeble minded in control of this country. Nor do I understand how anyone would support Harris, who stands by nothing, including Biden, unless there’s an opportunity for power. You voted for Harris.

      • When 300,000 votes turn up with only the Biden box checked in Michigan, one has to wonder if that is even possible. Of course, you will never convince the Democrat sheep.


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