Manage disasters with ’20 Weeks to Preparedness’ planner


According to the Dallas County Emergency Management Department, we’re most likely to experience a disaster during May or July. Typically, the disasters in Iowa are wind and flooding damage.

So why bring this up in the dead of winter? Because Dallas County Emergency Management Director A. J. Seely has recommended a great tool for families who want to prepare for emergencies.

The tool is called “20 Weeks to Preparedness.”

This 20-week calendar lists items to gather each week until a complete emergency kit is assembled. If you begin assembling the items now, you will be prepared by the time severe-weather season rolls around.

Find the calendar on the Safeguard Iowa website under the Preparedness tab.

Assemble your preparedness kit in easy-to-carry containers, such as plastic bins or duffel bags. Be sure everyone in the household knows about the kit and where it is.

What kinds of things are in a basic disaster-supply kit? Everything from non-perishable food, water, duct tape, work gloves, diapers, pet food, hand tools and first aid supplies to extra keys to the house and copies of important documents are on the list.

Print off the list from the website or call the Dallas County Health Department at 515-993-3750 to have a copy mailed to you. Curious for more information? Go to the Department of Homeland Security’s preparedness website.

Ann Cochran is the health navigation coordinator in the Dallas County Public Health Department.


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