UPDATE: Minor mishap mars morning motoring in Perry

A four-door Dodge collided with a four-door Ford Saturday morning near the intersection of First Avenue and South Street in Perry. There were no injuries.

An officer of the Perry Police Department speaks with a motorist Saturday morning who was involved in a two-vehicle collision on First Avenue near Iowa Highway 141. There were no apparent injuries in the incident.

Two vehicles collided shortly before 10 a.m. Saturday near the corner of First Avenue and South Street in Perry, bringing a response from the Perry Police Department.

According to the Perry Police Department report, a 2005 Dodge Stratus driven by Javier Octavio Leanos, 52, of 1709 First Ave. in Perry was struck in the front passenger door by a 2007 Ford Taurus driven by Christian Banuelos, 18, of 525 Fifth St. in Perry.

Banuelos was leaving the parking lot of a local fast food restaurant when his car struck Leanos’ car. Banuelos was issued a citation for violation of graduated driver’s license and failure to yield.


There were no injuries in the mishap.

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