North lot at Perry High School to close Monday for one year

The Perry School Board was informed Monday that the first phase of construction on the new wrestling/multi-purpose and tech areas has been completed. Image courtesy PCSD.

Take a hike.

That will be the result, for at least a year, as new construction at Perry High School will result in the closing and fencing off of the north parking lot and north-side entrances at PHS. The closure will begin Monday.

The loss of parking will have a considerable impact both on daily school routines and school activities and on community events at the Perry Performing Arts Center.

Those hoping to attend an event will either have to arrive early or park in the gravel lot south of Dewey Field and hoof it from there, entering the school through the main entrance.

Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks tried to put a positive spin on the temporary displacement.

“Everyone can see this as an new exercise program and good for your heart,” he said.

Wicks admitted the loss of space will be temporarily troublesome but said the eventual benefits will be worth the discomfort once the new wrestling/multi-purpose addition is completed.

Wicks said the northern lot will be closed throughout the 2019-2020 school year and said he hoped to have the necessarily reduced lot reopened in August of 2020.

Parking will not be effected by the expansion of the technical education area, also a part of the new $6.5 million construction projects at PHS.


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