Nudgers nibble nosh with Ames architects, plan ‘good, good thing’

Planning positive progress for Perry Thursday at the Perry Perk coffeehouse were, from left, Ames-based Haila Architecture Principal Chad West, Haila Architect Art Baumgartner, Haila Principal Eric Vermeer and Nudgers Patricia Saulsbury Snyder, Cheri Tice Scheib and Scott Coffman.

Three members of the Nudgers broke bread with three members of an Ames architecture firm Thursday morning at Perry Perk coffeehouse, possibly laying plans for another downtown building restoration.

Nudgers Scott Coffman, Patricia Saulsbury Snyder and Cheri Tice Scheib were joined by Eric Vermeer and Chad West, principals at Haila Architecture, and Art Baumgartner, Haila architect.

The Nudgers said it would be premature to make any announcements for publication in but hinted the forthcoming news will be good when it is sure.

“It’s a good, good thing for us and for Perry,” Tice Scheib said. “We will know in the next month.”

The Nudgers is Perry’s local, non-profit property-development group, specializing in restoring dilapidated downtown buildings.


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