Perry Elementary tabs first set of Bluejay Leaders

Francisco Panama, Jesus Salazar, and Selena Ayala pose in the front row for the September Bluejay Leaders in grade five at Perry Elementary. Biviana Banales-Fuentes, Jerson Ramirez, Ava Belgarde and Destiny Quigley stand in the second row, with Halley Mion, Michael Mendez, and Troy Ochoa in the top row. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Perry Elementary has named the Bluejay Leaders for August/September. Students chosen are selected by teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

Standing in the front row for the fourth grade are Bluejay Leaders Katia Clemente-Salazar, Mineli Rodriguez, and Adrian Quijas. Luke Adair, Hayden Rothfus, Adoni Silva, and Jonathan Soto occupy the middle row, with Briana Carrillo, Jessica Hidalgo and Stephanie Mena on the highest step.

Bluejay Leaders from grade three proudly show the certificates each earned. In front are Anthony Carrillo, Eli McGill, and Edlyn Iben, with Natalie Lilley, Leela Wright, and Bryson Rothfus in the middle row. Standing at rear are Jacob Pieper, Carley Ketelsen, and Reed Wuebker. Idally Chavez is not pictured.

A dozen second grade students were named Bluejay Leaders. In front are Caleb Harland, Axel Hegstrom, Yarethsy Sanchez, and Brunno Gonzalez, with the second row including Brandol Reyes, Sol Sorioano, Mason Armstrong, and Lauren Finn. Josh Sanchez, Mavlin Ramirez, Noah Kezar, and Miya Waterhouse stand in the back row.

First grade Bluejay Leaders gather for a photo, with Antonio Amaya, Ivan Arreola, Ella Hardy, and Olvia Pierschbacher in front. Atless Sass, Luna Barron, Luke Row, Josselyn Artega-Bran, and Josias Cortez are in the second row, with Marbella Silva-Lopez, Clinton Britt, and Scarleth Drahos in the third row.

Kindergartners Lucciano Oliver, Blessing Say, and Leyton Carlson stand in the first row, and Brynn Menke, Daelyn Miller, Colter Friested, Genesis Ramirez Cornejo, and Nicholas Kezar in the second row. In the third row are Averie Perry-Swanson, Lily Hernandez, Kai French, Jackson Large, and Pearl Say. Not pictured is Ethan Grant.

All names and spellings are as provided by Perry Elementary. All photos are courtesy of Perry Elementary.


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