Perry Elementary tags Bluejay Leaders for December

Third graders chosen as Bluejay Leaders for December at Perry Elementary smile with their certificates. Kneeling are Jax Hollingsworth, Ariana Silvestre, Khloe Brock and Selene Perez. Standing are Joseph Hernandez, Evan Fuson-Armstrong, Landon Carlson, Blake Nunez-Buswell and Dominick Flores-Jimenez. Not pictured is Ashley Lopez-Delgado. Photo submitted.

Bluejay Leaders for the month of December were recently chosen by their teachers at Perry Elementary. Earning the honor requires that students display respectful, responsible and safe behavior throughout the month. A total of 68 students received the coveted designation and accompanying certificate for December.

Chosen as fourth grade Bluejay Leaders were, front row, Madisyn Hudnell, Quintyn Quillan, Lily Hollingsworth, Rylan Modlin and Adrianna Walt. In back are Townes Wilson, Destiny Gonzalez, Levi Perry-Swanson, Cate Erickson and Owen Zander.

Fifth grade Bluejay Leaders pose for a photo. Front row, L-R, Esteban Medina, Ayden Erickson, Michael Alberto, Jeferson Reyes, Brooke Nelson and Kristen Bailey. Back row, L-R, Kiera Kilts, Alex Fallis, Daisy Gavidia, Kyeo Augustine and Mason Chapin. Not pictured is Jeremiah Matias.

The kindergarten Bluejay Leaders show their certificates. Sitting are Miya Waterhouse, Shiloah Siglin, Mia Alvarez, Alex Recinos and Haylee Garcia. Standing are Alexis Ochoa, Aubriella Gonzalez, Kyra Snyder, Zane Coleman, Dania Hernandez, Catnyss Hein and Matthew Leake. Not pictured are Lailah Lewis and Dominiq Lewis.

Ten first graders were selected as Bluejay Leaders for December. In front are Jorge Santos, Kimberly Lopez, Elaina Suitt, Johnny Ponce and Sofia Rivas. In back are David Mendez, Kamila Contreras, Rihanna Mendoza, Andrew Hoffman and Leandro Castaneda.

December Bluejay Leaders from the second grade stepped out of class for a quick photo. Kneeling are Andre Ordonez-Jimenez, Adoni Silva, Sarahi Chavez, Issac Gebresslasie, Aubree Garcia and Ella Kilts. Standing are Andrea Sanchez, Emmy Meyers, Edicson Arteaga, Jonathan Soto, Kiya Waterhouse and Evelyn Cisneros.

All photos courtesy of Perry Elementary. Names are as submitted.


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