Perry Police Report July 26


July 25, 2016

  • A caller said two city employees entered a shelter house at Pattee Park and found someone sleeping. The sleeping person “woke up and looked at them” and “then made a gesture with his hand to look like a pistol and said ‘Bang! Bang!’ directed toward them.” An officer responded. The sleeping person “said that he was frustrated because the people were staring at him and did not wave.”
  • A caller said “his roommate just punched him in the back.” Officers responded and found it was a misunderstanding between two occupants of a group home. The officers advised the occupants to stay away from each other.”
  • A caller said she was involved in an automobile accident in the parking lot on the east side of the library. She said she was driving a vehicle “with Ohio plates.” The caller said the other driver was still on the scene and there were no injuries. An officer responded but did not find the vehicles or drivers. Contact was made with the caller, who said the accident “was in Perry, Ohio, and she must have gotten the wrong number.”
  • A caller said he lost his puppy. He later called again and said he found his puppy.
  • A caller said a customer at a local bank said “his caregiver is stealing from him.” An officer responded and spoke with the customer. A review of the bank account records revealed “no fraudulent transactions.” The customer said “he did not feel safe” in his housing arrangements. The officer advised him “to talk to his staff about not feeling safe.”
  • A caller said two dogs were running at large. An officer responded but did not find the animals.

July 26, 2016

  • Donald Leroy McChesney II, 36, 1522 Lucinda St., #2, Perry, was arrested on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and interference with official acts.
  • Brenda Renee Thompson, 38, 309 Seventh St., Perry, was arrested on charges of driving while suspended, third-offense possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • A woman entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and said “someone tried to break into her garage again.” She said the lock was tampered with. An officer responded and found “the lock had not been tampered with.” The officer spoke with the woman, “and she felt safe.”

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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