Perry Police Report June 11


June 10, 2016

  • A caller said her Brussels Griffon was lost. She later called and said her dog was found.
  • A caller said she moved a dead raccoon from the street to a dumpster but later “thought that it might cause problems with the heat.” An officer responded and alerted the Perry Public Works Department, which disposed of the carcass.
  • A caller said she lost her keys. An officer responded and told the caller the Perry Police Department would contact her if the keys were turned in.
  • A caller said “his neighbor’s dog attacked his dog again.” An officer responded and discussed with the neighbor “ways to better handle and train the dog, including possibly a new collar and leash.”
  • A caller reported a girl “laying in the grass in the fetal position.” An officer responded and Dallas County EMS was dispatched to the scene. The officer spoke with the girl and her father and learned “she was just laying in the grass but was fine.” The officer suggested the girl “move away from the street.”
  • A caller said a dog was tied up outside with water and “has been barking for a long time.” An officer responded and found the dog “did have water” and “was not barking upon his arrival.”
  • A caller said an unknown female was lying in the caller’s back yard in a blue sun dress and without shoes. The caller said she “did not know the situation just that the girl was trying to get away from her father or boyfriend.” Officers responded.
  • A caller said a dog was “chained up to a tree with no water or shelter.” An officer responded and found “the dog did have food and water” and was “chained around the tree.”
  • A caller said a dog was “just laying around a sump pump.” An officer responded but did not find the dog.
  • Ramiro Rodriguez, 48, 823 W. Fifth St., Perry, was arrested on a Dallas County warrant for failure to appear.
  • Nathan James Flinn, 23, 106 W. Percival St., Rippey, was arrested on a Jefferson Police Department felony bench warrant for failure to appear on an original charge of OWI.
  • A caller said “his brown lab with a red collar by the name of Precious ran away.” Officers were advised.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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