Perry Tree Board sees new growth

Lin Jacobsen of Perry was appointed March 4 to the Perry Tree Board.

Mike Mallicoat of Perry was appointed to the Perry Tree Board in December 2018.

The Perry Tree Board returned to full strength Monday with the appointment of Lin Jacobsen of Perry to a seat on the five-person volunteer board.

“I have an interest in serving my home community,” Jacobsen told the Perry City Council, which approved her appointment by Perry Mayor John Andorf. “I work part-time and have time to devote to learning and serving with the current board members.”

Jacobsen briefly outlined her work experience in Perry, from the optometric offices of Dr. Charles McCauley to Pattee Enterprises, Hometown Perry Iowa and the Holz Jacobsen Corp.

Perry City Council member Chuck Schott said he and his wife, Katie Schott, have known Jacobsen “forever,” and he vouched for her sterling character. The mayor’s appointment was unanimously confirmed by the full council, with member Dean Berkland absent.

Jacobsen will join fellow Perry Tree Board members Jeff Hix, who chairs the board, and members Martha-Sheehy-Williamson, John Cruit and Mike Mallicoat. Jacobsen fills the seat vacated by longtime board member Wilbur Dickerson, who died in Juy 2018.

Mallicoat was appointed to the Tree Board Dec. 17, 2018. He is an arborist with certification from the International Society of Arboriculture, and he has more than 40 years of experience with trees, much of it in the electrical utility field.

“It is my hope that I can contribute some of my knowledge to the city of Perry,” Mallicoat said in his application for appointment. He replaced former board member John Lenz of Perry, who took a job in Missouri in April 2018.

No salary attaches to the three-year terms on the Perry Tree Board, which meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the Perry City Hall at 1102 Willis Ave.

Chapter 151 of the Perry Code of Ordinances outlines the rules and regulations applying to tree planting, trimming and removal and covers prohibited trees and contractor requirements. The infestation of the emerald ash borer is among the Perry Tree Board’s onging concerns.


  1. Jim, I don’t recall saying anything about my work experience at all during the meeting 😀 I do, however, have good memories of working with you and Kathy at Dr. McCauley’s office during high school.

    • We drew on some deep background for this story, Lin. Be sure to hug a tree for Joe in your capacity as Perry Tree Board member. Congratulations!


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