Side-loading city garbage truck strikes parked vehicle Monday

City of Perry workers and a Perry Police Department officer inspect the side-loading city garbage truck, which sustained damage to its retractable arm after it struck a parked vehicle on Sixth Street Monday morning. There were no injuries in the mishap.

A chain reaction of colliding vehicles was set in motion Monday morning when a city-owned garbage truck struck a parked pickup truck on Sixth Street just south of Evelyn Street.

There were no injuries in the mishap, which occurred about 8:45 a.m.

The accident involved the new garbage truck with the automated side-loading arm, which has been in service since last summer. The truck was traveling northbound on Sixth Street when the side-loading arm apparently struck from the rear a pickup truck parked on the east side of Sixth Street.

The pickup truck was owned by Bobby Thomas of 814 Sixth St. Parked in front of the pickup were a passenger car, a sport utility vehicle and a second pickup truck, all owned by Thomas and all pushed together end to end by the force of the collision.

The Perry Police Department responded and is investigating the mishap at this hour. will update this story as information becomes available.


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