Souvenir bricks available from old Gardiner Consolidated School

Collectible keepsake bricks from the 100-year-old Gardiner Consolidated School will soon be made safely available to anyone interested, according to landowner Karl Harris of Bouton. Follow for forthcoming details.

The Christmas Eve burning of the old Gardiner Consolidated School has prompted a number of readers of to ask whether it would be possible to retrieve bricks from the 100-year-old schoolhouse as keepsakes.

The answer is yes.

Landowner Karl Harris of Bouton said he is looking soon to fetch a quantity of bricks from the site and make them available as mementos to anyone interested. Once a date is set and arrangements made, the details will be announced in

Harris said the building has been crumbling for a long time, and the site is unsafe, so he discourages trespassers from poking around the grounds on their own. Sentimentalists should instead patiently await their opportunity to drive to Gardiner on a Saturday and safely and legally acquire a collectible brick. will update this story as information becomes available.


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