Staci Crees of Earlham hits $30,000 lottery jackpot

Staci Crees of Earlham was surprised and pleased by winning $30,000 last week in the Iowa Lottery.

CLIVE, Iowa — An Earlham woman said she wasn’t sure what made her buy one of the Iowa Lottery’s $300,000 Platinum Cash scratch-off ticket, but she was glad she did after claiming her $30,000 in winnings Monday.

“I don’t know,” said Crees. “It just looked good — and it was good!”

Crees said she and her husband, Jeff, bought a couple tickets at the Casey’s store at 527 W. Summit St. in Winterset, and they both scratched one off when they got home.

“I scratched it and had all these winners. And then when it said $2,000 on each winner, I was pretty excited,” she said.

She said they drove by the lottery office a week before, daydreaming about a big payday.

“It was funny,” said Crees with a laugh, “because last week we were driving by the office here and (Jeff) said, ‘Boy, I’d like to make a stop there,’ and look! A week later!”

Crees claimed the 32nd of 42 prizes of $30,000 in the game. She and her husband plan to use the winnings to save for vacation and help pay for their children’s college tuition.

The $300,000 Platinum Cash scratch game is a $30 game that features eight top prizes of $300,000 and overall odds of 1 in 2.39. For more information about this and other Iowa Lottery games of chance and to see the number of prizes still available, visit the Iowa Lottery website.


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