Students tour options on DMACC Health Occupations and EMT Day


More than 50 students from Perry-area high schools saw at first hand Tuesday some on-the-job realities of health occupations and emergency medicine when they toured the Dallas County Hospital and Emergency Medical Services on the DMACC EMT and Health Occupations Day.

After a two-hour morning session at the DMACC Perry VanKirk Career Academy spent preparing for the tour, the sophomores and juniors from Perry High School, Ogden High School, Panorama High School and Dallas Center-Grimes High School moved through five work stations in the afternoon at the Dallas County Hospital.

Laboratory Medical Technologist Josiah Vodenik described his work of lab testing and analyzing specimens in the DCH lab, and Physical Therapist Clint Lutterman and Occupational Therapist Caitlyn McDowell outline their daily routines at 21st Century Rehabilitation.

In the DCH emergency department, Respiratory Therapist Audrey Erickson and Education Manager Sally Swenson detailed some emergency-room methods and procedures, and Health Information Technician Jan Haglun described the relation between medicine and computers, including the important role of telemedicine in rural hospitals.

The Perry quarters of the Dallas County EMS are located southwest of the Dallas County Hospital, and the students made their way through freezing rain to the ambulance base. Dallas County EMS Director Mike Tomason and EMS Paramedics Paramedics Terry Robertson, Jess Pfrimmer, Julie Nielsen and Curt Crawford outlined their round-the-clock routines.

Perry Volunteer Fire Department First Assistant Fire Chief Brian Eiteman was on hand to help students thoroughly explore a PVFD ladder truck and learn about fire science and fire training.

The Tuesday tour was led by Dallas County Foundation Director Matt Crooks, DMACC Perry Executive Director Eddie Diaz, DMACC Perry Advisor Barb South and DMACC Work-Based Learning Coordinator Amy Steenhoek.

Interested students can follow up on the DMACC EMT and Health Occupations Day by exploring the program options at DMACC.


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