Wind-borne embers from Bouton training blaze burns neighbor’s tree


Volunteer firefighters from Bouton and Woodward returned Sunday to the scene of Saturday’s training burn after wind-borne embers caught fire to a tree on property adjacent to the burn site.

A large limb from the smoldering tree then fell onto a vacant house at 307 Third St. in Bouton, causing damage to the roof and bringing local firefighters to the scene about 11:30 a.m.

Brian Sondgeroth, chief of the Bouton Volunteer Fire Department, said embers blown from the training-burn site apparently lodged overnight in the crotch of the tree, leading the burning limb to weaken and snap, falling on the house.

“There was just enough life left in that fire to carry over here,” Sondgeroth said.

Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs and Dallas County EMS also responded to the incident.

The property is owned by Karl Harris of Bouton, according to county records. A woman on the scene said the property is under renovation. will update this story as information becomes available.


  1. The fire department left this fire smoldering and smoking. Why would they leave a fire, especially a training exercise fire, still burning, smoldering and smoking? Not only that but they drained Xenia’s water tower because they failed to properly notify them, which caused a water main break and boil order for Bouton residents.


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