Bewitched, bothered and bewildered — over coffee

With neither black cats nor broomsticks, the women with opinions who gathered Tuesday at the Perry Perk were, seated from left, Shirley Ehlers, Sue Brickner, Connie McGuire, Carolyn Guay, Valarie McColl and Elsie Mace; standing from left, Tari Mason, Lois Hoger and Kathy Fox.

Nine Norn-like females gathered in the Perry Perk coffeehouse Tuesday morning for a seasonal confab.

In a more credulous age in America, such people might have been called witches and possibly had a hot time of it at the hands of their superstitious neighbors, but the light of reason now shines brightly in the Perry area, so coffee and sweet rolls instead were served.

Wearing pointy black hats at table were Sue Brickner, Shirley Ehlers, Kathy Fox, Carolyn Guay, Lois Hoger, Elsie Mace, Tari Mason, Valarie McColl and Connie McGuire.

The alignment of the stars tells us that the same fateful females will gather again Friday, Oct. 29 in the same place and at the same time.


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