Doug’s December dinners like message in bottle from pre-virus life

The Freedom Rock was toppled Dec. 7, 2019, and the Minburn Public Library served a soup dinner.

Well, dinner fans, a stagnant dinner season has prevailed for the past three weeks. Hopefully, this will all be over by the end of the month. I need a haircut and cannot get one.

Let us go back to the past in December 2019. For me it started with the Bouton breakfast on Saturday, Dec. 7. As usual, Santa Claus was there passing out gifts to all of the children.

That evening, Dan and I traveled to Minburn for the Minburn Public Library’s annual soup dinner fundraiser. This was in conjunction with the lighting of their downtown creche. You have to give it to Minburn. For a small town, they have a lot of activity — and a big heart.

That was the same day that the Freedom Rock got hit. It was covered up until they uncovered it and set it upright again. The man who hit that piece of patriotism was lucky to survive.

On Sunday, Dec. 8 I went to Christ Lutheran Church’s Praise and Worship concert, followed by a ham ball dinner, which is always very delicious. They always have a good crowd for the concert.

Dec. 11 brought the Heartland Church of Christ dinner. I did not get a picture, and I cannot remember what we had, but it is always good food and good fellowship.

On Dec. 14 I got a haircut. I really need one again.

Also on Dec. 14 was the Woodward Volunteer Fire Department soup dinner. I was glad that they had this. I missed the one in October.

The Rippey United Methodist Church soup dinner was served Dec. 15 after the Sunday morning services. I was late to this and just made it.

All of these entities were raising money for their various church- and mission-related needs. Stay tuned for more exciting stories like this. I have a better one coming, with pictures of the novel coronavirus global pandemic shut down and how people are overcoming it.

Take care!


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