It’s Girl Scout cookie time!

Eight-year-old Kaylee Kraft of Granger islearning lessons in marketing by selling Girl Scout cookies. Her mother, Jessica Hackbarth of Granger, lends a hand with Troop 1062, composed of Woodward and Granger second graders.

Girl Scout cookie time is here again.

Among the many girls learning lessons in marketing is Kaylee Kraft, 8, of Granger, a member of Troop 1062. The troop is composed of second grade girls from Woodward and Granger.

Kaylee, in her third year as a Girl Scout, has set herself a personal cookie goal of selling 1,000 boxes so she can get an iPad. So far she is 524 boxes toward her goal.

Part of the “cookie dough” she earns from selling cookies helps defray the cost of Girl Scout summer camp. Cookie dough can be spent in the Girl Scout store or put toward camp outings.

Kaylee’s troop has set a goal of selling 5,000 boxes so they can go to camp as a whole troop. They have currently sold 4289 boxes.

The troop also accepts donations, and they use the money to buy and donate cookies to the Iowa Veterans Hospitals. Last year the troop donated 100 boxes.

Kaylee is the daughter of Jessica Hackbarth of Granger and is the third generation in her family to attend the Woodward-Granger Community School District.


  1. This time of year, my pancreas has no chance. I particularly crave those traditional, good, old-fashioned shortbread cookies. There’s no need to change up on this product. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. I love shortbread. I have been known to crumble about a dozen of the darn things into a bowl and drizzle just enough milk on the crumbs to make a nice, spoonable mush. Speaking of shortbread, do they still make those shortbread cookies shaped like windmills? I sure do miss the things. Jeesh! Sometimes, the simple things are the best.


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