January soup suppers slowly fading into social distance

Free-will offerings raised at the Minburn UMC event support the Minburn Emergency Response Team (MERT) equipment fund.

Hello fellow dinner fans. Here are a few items from January of this year. No dinners since the middle of March and I am having only my memories to go on.

The month of January started on the 8th with the Heartland Church of Church monthly free community dinner. This time it was chicken and noodle soup which was delicious. Again a lot of people that I like to see. I do not know if they were able to have any type of dinner in April. If they did I forgot about it. Maybe they had carry out. I do not know.

Jan. 25 brought the Minburn Emergency Response Team (MERT) annual soup dinner at the Minburn United Methodist Church. A free-will offering brought the choice of potato soup, chilli and split pea soup. I had the potato, and it was good.

Sometimes the medicine I take affects my appetite, yet I still do not lose much weight. I usually like to try the split pea soup as well. It takes like ham and bean to me. I do not know how the peas are split but they are.

Monies raised are put toward equipment for the Minburn Volunteer Fire Department. I sat with Pator Paul Burrows and Mark Golightly. I like to ask Golightly about updates with the Freedom Rock since he is the Minburn American Legion Commander.

The Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church Friday night soup dinner was served Jan. 31. They have not hosted an event like this in my memory. There were a lot of soups to choose from. Since I had an ultra sound earlier in the day, it was possible for me to attend early and get to the Perry basketball game before 6 p.m.

Monies raised at the Mt. Olivet supper were to be used for missions and church projects.

I do miss going to church for the past month. Apparently, the United Methodist pastors are using Facebook for sermons. I need to figure this out. I tried to link up with the sermon from the church in Vinton but could not figure this out either.

Maybe I need to make a donation toward upgrading my own digital infrastructure because Windows 7.0 and Netscape are getting a little outdated.

Make sure to give your regular offerings to your church, and also support local businesses in any way that you can. Restaurants are hurting.


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