Jefferson Police Report August 22


August 21, 2019

The Carroll County Sheriff’s office advised of a speeding driver on 220th Street traveling toward Jefferson. An officer did not locate the vehicle.

Durlam Electric reported someone broke a light on the skid loader parked at 1108 N. Elm Street. They said a young boy was found in the parking lot several times lately. An officer spoke to a juvenile and his mother at 304 W. Head St. The boy admitted to playing on the private property but would not admit to breaking the light on the skid loader. The officer advised the youngster and his mother that if he returns to the property, he might face a rrespassing charge.

An officer conducted a funeral escort.

A traffic stop performed at Elm and Stanford streets resulted in Mary Jane Roper of Churdan being issued a citation for excessive speed.

Tim Cadden reported hearing a firework set off near Cedar and Russell streets. Officers did not locate anything in the area.

Jennifer Ashby requested an officer at 108 E. Central St., #66, to report her adult daughter was assaulted by the daughter’s boyfriend. The officer learned the crime occurred in Des Moines and was reported to them. No action was required by the Jefferson Police Department officer.

Cassie Fowler spoke to an officer about a neighbor who feeds stray cats in the 300 block of Rushview Drive. Fowler said the animals are constantly on Fowler’s property. The officer advised Fowler she can remove the stray cats herself, but the Jefferson Police Department does not currently offer this service.

A caller reported vehicles blocking the alley by a retail store at 303 N. Elm St. An officer learned the vehicles belong to workers at a vending truck parked at the business. He advised the workers that the alley has to remain open and cannot be blocked at any time.

Craig Burbank reported a speeding driver traveling west on 220th Street toward Jefferson. An officer did not locate the vehicle.

Debra Curtis reported receiving what she felt where harassing text messages from a Jefferson female. An officer spoke to the female about the issue, and both parties were advised to end all contact with one another.

An officer spoke to a juvenile at Washington Park after witnessing the youth throw a can at the park fence. The fence was not damaged, but the officer warned the youth about this behavior and spoke to his parent.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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