Latest crop of Bluejay Leaders respectful, responsible, safe

Bluejay Leaders from the kindergarten class included, front row from left, Pierce Tierney, Korbyn Brant, Aluda Adum, Anicka Field, Jerson Ramirez and Tyfany Villalobos; back row from left, Khloe Brock, Mason Hayes, James Fortisi, Sean Franzini, Keyri Hernandez and Bryant Jacobs. Ana Aguilar and Aden Miller were not pictured.

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Perry Elementary School Dean of Students Ned Menke today released the names of the latest students to earn the rank of Bluejay Leader.

Bluejay Leaders are commended for the examples they set of respectfulness, responsibility and safety within the school, Menke said.

The January Bluejay Leaders were kindergartens Pierce Tierney, Korbyn Brant, Aluda Adum, Anicka Field, Jerson Ramirez, Tyfany Villalobos, Khloe Brock, Mason Hayes, James Fortisi, Sean Franzini, Keyri Hernandez, Bryant Jacobs, Ana Aguilar and Aden Miller.

First grade Bluejay Leaders were Bryceton Richardson, Nataly Hernandez, Alicia Cardenas, Emily Stiles, Bryan Anderson, Emilee White, Noe Flores, Alexis Rivera, Fiorella Oliver, Rosa Pineda, Zachary Kenyon and Caden Hegstrom.

Leading the second graders were Levi Thoren, Brooke Nelson, Gerardo Carranza, Parker Kercheval, Emma Miller, Elsie Aguilar, Steven Gonzalez, Ty Brokaw, Anne Milone, Caleb Snyder, Tayra-Grace Lingner and Catherine Miranda.

Third grade Bluejay Leaders were Litzy Ramirez, Christina Kanealy, Kenadi Chayet, Stacey Martinez, Melissa Ortega-Gonzalez, Diego Fuentes, Dylan Flores-Jimenez, Addison Richardson, Billy Mendez, Aiden Burgin, Aidan Carlson and Ben Miller.

Bluejay Leaders from the fourth grade were Kain Killmer, Riley Sergent, Emily Dowd, Addison Huntington, Kaitlyn Dillinger, Yoel Ibarra, Jesus Gonzalez, Orsy Quijada, King Carter-Love, Karyme Garcia, Sebastian Robles and Ashley Revolorio.

Fifth graders named Bluejay Leaders were Kaylee Hay, Parker Pierce, Ashley Cerna, Caden Heck, Juan Hernandez, Kyla McKenzie, Brayden Andorf, Jacob Parnell, Edlyn Gavidia and Anh Doan.

Photos courtesy Perry Community School District


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