Light Up the Knight fundraiser held at Kaufman Track

St. Patrick's Catholic School students Nate Lutterman (left), Geren Kenney and Diego Velasco stop at the check-in point to make sure they are credited for their first lap at Saturday's Light Up the Knight fundraiser at Kaufman Track.

All that wobbing, weaving, bouncing and racing neon you might have noticed at Dewey Field Saturday? Those were the myriad of glow-stick and other illuminating goodies donned by those participating in Light Up the Knight, an annual fundraiser for St. Patrick’s Catholic School.

Games and an assortment of activities were held in the afternoon, all designed to help students (and moms and dads and others) earn ‘points’ which could then be used for any number of glowing trinkets.

At sundown the lap walking around Kaufman Track began, with students having raised pledges for the amount of laps they completed. After each lap walkers stopped at a check-in point, which gave credit and kept track of the distances each stroller had put behind them.

A goodly portion of the student body attended the event, with faculty and staff on hand as well, along with parents, grandparents and other supporters of the school.



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