Minburn Methodists hold annual ice cream event

There was a full house in the basement of the Minburn United Methodist Church, where everyone was having a good time and talking with each other at the annual ice ream social.

The ice cream social season keeps rolling on. Recently the Minburn United Methodist Church held their annual ice cream event followed by the Christian movie, “I Can Only Imagine.”

The menu consisted of beef burgers, baked beans, chips, homemade ice cream, beverage and a choice of cakes and pies.

This year’s event was held a few weeks later than in the past. Rumor has it that they needed to find a day when they had enough people to make the ice cream the day before the event.

Organizers said the monies raised will be used for never-ending church maintenance and various missions.

This year I ran across Sharon Theulen at this event. Never one to be shy, she said to tell her son Mike that “he missed out on a good meal and ice cream.” Mike resides in Massachusetts and is an avid reader of ThePerryNews.com.

The organizers of the annual ice cream event posted flyers but did not send one to ThePerryNews.com, so perhaps Mrs. Theulen’s son did not hear about it.

Dan and I spent the first part of this day at the Iowa State Fair. We hurried back late in the afternoon to get to Minburn around 6 p.m.

A lot cars were parked around the church, and there was a full house in the basement of the church. Everyone was having a good time and talking with each other.

I discovered that I forgot my check book. Never fear. I did get my donation to the church a short time later.

I did not get to see the movie. Dan wanted to get to his house to watch some type of Mystery Show on PBS. I will plan better next year. I did enjoy the movie that they showed last year.

There are not many more ice cream socials left on this year’s calendar. Next we head into the beloeved dinner season.


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