Multiple March dinners fill bodies, souls of Doug, Dan

Saga of seasonal feasts and festivals continues

Congregants at the 115-year-old Heartland Church of Christ at 1402 Warford St. in Perry will soon have a new home for services at 14417 J Ave.

It has been quite some time since I have graced these digital pages with a dinner story update, but your hunger is about to be satisfied. As seen by the many photographs presented here, there were a lot of opportunities for dinners, and I did not even get to them all.

I am surprised at the number of people who say they read these dinner reports.

The feeding all started March 9 with Team Derek’s seventh annual soup supper and auction held at the Redfield American Legion. Dan and I headed out to this event, which I believe is organized by the grandfather of Derek, who as a baby had to have heart surgery that was paid for by the American Heart Association. Derek was there and must now be a teenager.

There was a soup dinner with chili and potato soup, silent auctions, auction for items — and the best part was the auction to have the opportunity to put a whip cream pie in someone’s face. I have been to the last two of these events, which are really fun. A huge crowd attended, and funds are donated to the American Heart Association.

On the evening of Sunday, March 10, Dan and I headed to the Minburn United Methodist Church for the Heartland Warriors 4-H Club fundraiser. They had a variety of soups. Of course, funds raised were for the 4-H club. When I was younger, back in the “good old days,” 4-H was very popular particularly with rural kids. I think Dan was a 4-H kid in rural Madison County.

For excitement we then headed to the Greene County Clergy Association soup dinner and worship service for the Greene County Christian Action Resource Center (ARC) food pantry. It was held in the Central Christian Church in Jefferson. The ARC food pantry was being moved. When Dan and I arrived, they were cleaning up from the soup dinner but served us. We then went to the service.

There was a lot of singing and speaking from area clergy. The message was delivered by the Rev. Bobby Palmer from Churdan and entitled “Christ Gave Us His All.” He gave a fire-and-brimstone speech about the importance of bringing others to Christ. I wish I had recorded for Pegasus this uplifting sermon which focused on salvation.

I think that in today’s world, our churches have gotten away from the aspect of preaching about coming to Christ and focus more on just doing good to others. It seems that the salvation of the soul is no longer of importance. This is the most important part of Christianity and seems to me to be considered unimportant.

Pastor Palmer preached on asking Christ for help with bringing others to him. Monies raised were for the Greene County Food Pantry.

On March 13 a free meal was served at the Heartland Church of Christ in Perry. The main meal was pulled pork sandwiches. For several years they have offered a free meal to anyone on the second Wednesday of the month from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Warford Street church.

On March 15 we headed to the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast at Trinity Lutheran Church in Perry. They had several breakfast items. Monies raised support missions and church needs.

On the evening of March 16, we headed to the Marion Street United Methodist Church in Boone. This church is on the west side of the town. They served many types of soups. I had the Irish stew, which was good. I think Dan tried all six of the other soups. Once again, funds were raised for missions and church needs.

All through the month, we have had the Perry Knights of Columbus fish dinners. The Rev. Chis Reising has made a special non-meat selection each week. These were always good and ended last Friday.

Later that same Friday, I went out to the Elks Club for the Boy Scout dinner. They offered tenderloins or fish. It was very good. I am sure the Boy Scouts are raising funds for future projects.

March 30 found us at the Freedom Rock spaghetti dinner at Washington Township School. This was a very well attended event. Funds will be used for painting the Freedom Rock for Dallas County, which I believe will be located in Minburn along the highway.

I did not attend the Greene County 4-H beef burger dinner held in March or the Staley’s Chicken Dinner hosted at noon on a Sunday by the Jefferson Kiwanis Club. I chose other options for these events, but I intend to send each a donation.

Since these dining events, there have been a lot of other dinners. I will reserve those for a future report. I wish everyone a happy Easter and hope all souls are saved.



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