Perry Elementary announces Bluejay Leaders for March

Kindergarten students from Perry Elementary chosen as Bluejay Leaders for March pose with their certificates. Seated are Alexa Hernandez, Jeiliza Puente-Cruz, Stephany Contreras, Abraham Hernandez, Charlie Rogers and Dallas Channell. Standing are Maci Moorhead, Yarethsy Sanchez, Janelle Flores, Gavin Beach, Brennan Moreno, Betel Hadish and James Maylum. Also honored was Gavin Grant, who is not pictured. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary School.

The teachers at Perry Elementary School have awarded the status of “Bluejay Leader” for the month of March to a total of 66 students. To earn the distinction students must display respectful, responsible and safe behavior throughout the school.

First graders named Bluejay Leaders for March are all smiles. Sitting criss-cross applesauce are Jaydenh Alvarado, Jamie Hudnell, Michelle Chic, Jacob Pieper and Jad Derbal. Standing are Abby Hernandez, Pablo Banales-Fuentes, Marcella Lewis, Angela Guillen and Bryson Rothfus.

The Bluejay Leaders for March from the second grade step out of class for a photo. In front are Miranda Davila, Irma Castillo, Jimmie Shields, Emileigh Hensel and Sarah Forbes. At back are Sarahi Chavez, David Thanga, Lidya Shato, Arianna Lira and Bryant Jacobs.

Ten third graders received Bluejay Leader honors for March. The first row includes, from left, Michael Mendez, Exauce Kamari, Lu Doh, Samantha Torres and Aydan Hernendez, wiht Anna Hoyle, Enock Kamari, Sherlin Sanchez, Aurora Garnett and Luis Bretado at rear.

Eight of the 10 fourth graders chosen as Bluejay Leaders of March were available for the group photo. In front are Maribel Garrido-Herrera, Daniela Galindo, Lluvia Vaca and Abby Nance. Standing are Avery Schmitt, Noemi Chavez, Layton Holst and Fatima Andrade. Not pictured are Jimmie Posadas and Jayden Vondra.

March Bluejay Leaders from the fifth grade happily step out of class for a picture. Front row, from left: Seth Borgeson, Emma Miller, Alejandra Hernandez, Gerardo Carranza, Cadi Conrad and Brandon Reyes-Guevara. Back row, from left: Oneida Hernandez, Illina Ledesma, Gracey Howard, Anthony Aguilar, Catherine Miranda and Zavier Field.

All photos are courtesy of Perry Elementary School. Names are published as submitted.


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