Perry swims at Spencer High in Pink Out pool festivities

Swimmers from Perry High School and Spencer High School took part in a Pink Out Tuesday as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Photo courtesy Jim Dowd

The Perry High School swim team traveled to Spencer this week, coming away with six first-place finishes and five personal best times.

The final score was Spencer 96-Perry 73, and the meet was scored 8, 4, 2 for relays and 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for individual events.

“In addition to some great races, the swim team also got to participate in Spencer’s Pink Out Festivities,” said PHS Head Coach Jean Dowd. “The therapy pool was dyed pink, and we took pictures both with the Spencer swim team and ourselves.”

Medley Relay
Madeline McDevitt, Addison Huntington, Jenna Nelson, Emily Dowd, 2:18.89, 3rd

200 Freestyle
Cali Hernandez, 2:48.07, 5th, high school debut in this event
Lilly Riley, 2:14.02, 1st

200 Individual Medley
Addison Huntington, 2:48.47, 5th
Jenna Nelson, 2:44.80, 2nd, personal best time, dropping -2.85 seconds.
Sophia McDevitt, 2:25.85, 1st

JV 50 Free
Lydia Nelson, 38.75, personal best time, dropping -.97

50 Freestyle
Jazmine Johnson, 30.99, 6th, personal best time, dropping -.40
Emily Dowd, 29.49, 3rd
Aleah Karolus, 26.94, 2nd

100 Butterfly
Aleah Karolus, 1:15.54, 3rd place
Sophia McDevitt, 1:08.28, 1st

100 Freestyle
Lilly Riley, 1:01.43, 3rd
Quin Mahler-Moreno, 57.74, 1st

500 Freestyle
Jazmine Johnson, 7:08.07, 6th, personal best time, dropping-14.57 seconds.
Emily Dowd,6:29.01, 3rd place
Quin Mahler-Moreno, 5:29.24, 1st

200 Freestyle Relay
Madeline McDevitt Lydia Nelsen, Addison Huntington, Jenna Nelson, 2:15.65, 4th
Lilly Riley, Aleah Karolus, Sophia McDevitt, Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:48.72, 2nd

100 Backstroke
Cali Hernandez, 1:24.44, 5th, personal best time, dropping -.12
Madeline McDevitt, 1:23.72, 4th

100 Breaststroke
Lydia Nelsen, 2:01.82, 5th , tied a personal best time
Addison Huntington, 1:23.66, 3rd

400 Freestyle Relay
Emily Dowd, Cali Hernandez, Jazmine Johnson, Jenna Nelson, 4:38.56, 4th
Lilly Riley, Aleah Karolus, Sophia McDevitt, Quin Mahler-Moreno, 3:59.33, 1st


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