PHS Class of 1963 meets in reunion Saturday

Attending the PHS Class of 1963 reunion Saturday are, front row from left, Gwen (Garnett) Herbert, Dennis Leslie, John Palmer, Carol (Schirman) Laird, Kathy (Worrell) Westhoff, Marcia (Gardener) DeWitt and Susan (Pennington) Rath; second row from left, Carol (Marlow) McGarvey, Betty (Baldwin) Lester, Judy (Spauldin) Robinson, Mike Dougan, Connie (Mansfield) Barton, Margaret (Ellett) Den Beste, Iris Ann (Ruth) Coffin, Mark Wolber, Martha Winger, Donna (Wicks) Johnson, Sandy (Black) Dougan, Jan (Eshouse) Yanders, Gary Yanders and Carolyn Sue (Burnett) Arthaud; third row from left, Gwen (Neuhalfen) Harding, Glory (Hansen) Knolmeyer, Ron Ridnour, Paul Kelsey, Earl Walrath, Dick Whiton, Dave Berkemann, Dan Charter, Jim Bridenstine, Dan Leaming and Warren Dennis Gardener.

Thirty-two graduates of the Perry High School Class of 1963 met Saturday at the Hotel Pattee.

Celebrating their 60-year class reunion were:

  • Carolyn Sue (Burnett) Arthaud
  • Connie (Mansfield) Barton
  • Dave Berkemann
  • Jim Bridenstine
  • Dan Charter
  • Iris Ann (Ruth) Coffin
  • Margaret (Ellett) Den Beste
  • Marcia (Gardner) DeWitt
  • Mike Dougan
  • Sandy (Black) Dougan
  • Warren Dennis Gardner
  • Gwen (Neuhalfen) Harding
  • Gwen (Garnett) Herbert
  • Donna (Wicks) Johnson
  • Paul Kelsey
  • Glory (Hansen) Knolmeyer
  • Carol (Schirman) Laird
  • Dan Leaming
  • Dennis Leslie
  • Betty (Baldwin) Lester
  • Carol (Marlow) McGarvey
  • John Palmer
  • Susan (Pennington) Rath
  • Ron Ridnour
  • Judy (Spauldin) Robinson
  • Earl Walrath
  • Kathy (Worrell) Westhoff
  • Dick Whiton
  • Martha Winger
  • Mark Wolber
  • Jan (Eshouse) Yanders
  • Gary Yanders


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