PHS swim team extends record to 8-0 with win over Algona

Unbeaten at 8-0, the PHS swim team won again Tuesday at home against Algona High School. Photo courtesy Jim Dowd

The Perry High School swim team continued unbeaten for the season with a victory Tuesday night at home over Algona High School.

The final score was Perry 91, Algona 64. The PHS swimmers saw eight first place finishes and set five personal best times.

“This brings our record to 8-0, which is history making for this program!” said Coach Jean Dowd, who said the Jayettes won through the “depth of our roster, the versatility of members of this team being able to step up and swim different events. It was really a total team effort.”

The meet was scored 8, 4, 2 for relays and 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for individual events.

Medley Relay
Emily Dowd, Addison Huntington, Lilly Riley, Jenna Nelson, 2:13.59, 1st

200 Freestyle
Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:58.96, 1st

200 Individual Medley
Addison Huntington, 2:45.19, 2nd, personal best time, -1.42 sec
Sophia McDevitt, 2:29.42, 1st

50 Freestyle
Lydia Nelsen, 40.95, 6th
Emily Dowd, 28.96, 3rd, personal best time, dropping -.01
Aleah Karolus, 27.17, 2nd

100 Butterfly
Aleah Karolus, 1:14.70, 2nd
Sophia McDevitt, 1:07.05, 1st

100 Freestyle JV
Lydia Nelson, 1:31.28, personal best time, dropping -3.70
Cali Hernandez, 1:18.92

100 Freestyle
Jazmine Johnson, 1:07.43, 4th, personal best time, -2.75
Jenna Nelson, 1:04.09, 3rd
Lilly Riley, 1:01.65

500 Freestyle
Emily Dowd, 6:18.09, 1st, personal best time, dropping -2.96

200 Freestyle Relay
Addison Huntington, Lydia Nelsen, Jamine Johnson, Jenna Nelson, 2:11.64. 3rd
Aleah Karolus, Lilly Riley, Sophia McDevitt, Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:51.13, 1st

100 Backstroke
Cali Hernandez, 1:30.06, 3rd

100 Breaststroke
Addison Huntington, 1:22.12, 2nd
Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:07.19, 1st

400 Freestyle Relay
Jenna Nelson, Cali Hernandez, Jazmine Johnson, Emily Dowd, 4:46.11, 2nd
Lilly Riley, Aleah Karolus, Sophia McDevitt, Quin Mahler-Moreno, 4:06.42, 1st


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