Rotarians have a few words with Perry Elementary School fifth graders

Perry Elementary School fifth graders who received new dictionaries from the Perry Rotarians included, front row from left, Kaylee Hay, Kai Hemphill, Juan Hernandez, Andy Viveros, Alona Moreland, Sarai Ramos, Pauline Galindo, Katheryn West and Samantha Galivan; second row from left, Trevor Kirchner, Soteemon Poley, Elizabeth Niyogushima, Emily Hernandez, Anthony Richardson, Gavin Hegstrom, Mamyint Aye and Trinity Hochstetler. Photo courtesy Perry Rotary Club

As part of its ongoing efforts at community outreach to Perry youth, the Perry Rotary Club recently provided free dictionaries to students in the Perry Elementary School fifth grade.

The lexicons were delivered by Rotarians Clint Lutterman, Dr. Randy McCaulley, Juda Saemisch, Kevin Vidergar, Quinn Adair, Don Ruggle and Marcus Carris.


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