Saturday an ‘Enchanted Night’ at Woodward-Granger prom

Live streaming of the Grand March at Saturday's Woodward-Granger prom was offered from 6-7 p.m. on the school website.

GRANGER — A red carpet and live streaming of the Grand March on the school’s website was just the start of the fun for attendees of Woodward-Granger’s prom Saturday.

Held entirely at the new elementary school in Granger, the event began with a velvet-roped, red carpet Grand March into the school in front of a large crowd of parents, friends, well-wishers and the curious. Each couple was interviewed as they moved down the line, all of which was carried live on the internet.

Couples then posed for a veritable phalanx of photographers in front of a prepared backdrop, just as any famous pair would be greeted upon entering a Hollywood gala.

“Enchanted Night” was the theme for the prom, and once entering the school prom goers passed down a decorated hallway before entering the commons area, where a eye-popping series of tables offered food ranging from fresh fruits to freshly made breakfast items and all any number of various entrees ranging a wide gamut of foods. A mountain of desserts waited at another table, while a well-staffed drink station created “mixed drinks” with a variety of sodas, punches and fruit accompaniments.

A DJ played all the while, with dancing set to begin at roughly 8 p.m. Students also had the option to enter the nearby gym, where a variety of games and other entertainments were offered after 9 p.m.

A large group of underclassmen were on hand to wait tables and provide other services, helping to give the couples the full royal treatment.

Smiles were everywhere, and if the event continued in the manner the first 90 minutes passed, an “Enchanted Night” was definitely in store for those gathered.


  1. Jeff Webster does a fantastic job of covering Woodward Granger events. We are extremely grateful for the information and also the fantastic pictures.


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