Serving up 15,000 ears of sweet corn

The corn crew at Saturday's Sweet Corn Festival in Adel said they anticipated the entire 5-ton supply would be gone by early afternoon.

ADEL — Each year the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce purchase approximately 15,000 ears of the famous Deardorff “Peaches and Cream” sweet corn as (surpise!) a key attraction at the Sweet Corn Festival.

The corn was shucked by a big crowd of willing volunteers, then refrigerated in a semi-trailer overnight. By 10:30 a.m. Saturday the first cobs headed to the cooker, with a line nearly a block long already eagerly awaiting the chance to sink their chompers into the golden goodness — all at no cost.

An abundance of melted butter and salt was available, along with what may have been (had it all been unrolled) enough paper towels to reach to Des Moines. Organizers estimated the supply would be gone by early afternoon.

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