St. Patrick School Science Fair showcases STEM sprouts

Gold medal winners in the St. Patrick School Science Fair were, from left, Adriana Escalante (7th grade) , Anna Ridnour (8th), Stephanie Hill (8th) and, not pictured, Angela Hernandez (7th).

The marvels of modern science and technology were on display Thursday when 21 St. Patrick School students hosted the St. Patrick School Science Fair.

St. Patrick Middle School science and math teacher Tony Cosentino and Middle School language arts teacher Rachel Knudtson were assisted by a panel of six judges, who rated the posters and presentations on their insight and originality.

This year’s gold medal winners were eighth grader Stephanie Hill, seventh grader Angela Hernandez, seventh grader Adriana Escalante and eighth grader Anna Ridnour.

Silver medalists were sixth grader Riese Archer, seventh grader Beyoncé Gonzalez, seventh grader Jasmyn Barck, sixth grader Libby Hastings, sixth grader Amy McNamara and seventh grader Bree Martin.

Bronze medal winners were sixth grader Elizabeth Rodriquez, seventh grader Tony Burgos, sixth grader Victor Diaz, sixth grader Cheyanne Hurley, sixth grader Trent Culbertson, eighth grader Luke Holtorf, seventh grader Chase Archer, eighth grader Jordan Rothmeyer, sixth grader Ethan Light, seventh grader Zoe Meyer and eighth grader Trinity Summerson.

The judges for this year’s fair were Doug Latham, Pat Latham, Dick Lundstrom, Carol Ohare, Larry Vodenik and Jeff Webster.



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