St Patrick’s students reenact Stations of the Cross

Jesus Christ, played by Ismael Ferman-Nava, is crucified as Roman soldiers Rubi Hernandez, left, and Gannon Meis and a crowd of followers look on during the Living Stations of the Cross performed Wednesday by students from St. Patrick Catholic School.

The St Patrick’s Catholic School middle school students performed a live Stations of the Cross for the public and the parish REP program Wednesday evening.

Sometimes called Via Crucis, or Way of the Cross, the Stations of the Cross consist of 14 separate dramatic scenes from the passion — the suffering, death and resurrection — of Jesus Christ.

For many years the St Pat’s middle school students have blacked out their gym and gone under the spotlight after selecting appropriate music of their own choice to accompany the solemn procession.

A second edition will be performed in the St. Pat’s gym at 1:30 p.m. Friday for St. Pat’s students and any members of the public who would like to attend. The event is free and open to all.

The cast and crew for the 2019 live stations are:

Jesus- Ismael Ferman-Nava
Mary- Sophia McDevitt
Pilate- Trenton Carr
Simon- Cruz Calderon
Veronica- Betzy Sandoval
Narrators- Ella Farmer and Angel Mendoza
3 Women of Jerusalem- Lilly Riley, Maci Tunink and Kaylee Wuebker
3 Soldiers- Rubi Hernandez, Gannon Meis and Jesus Zamora
Friends of Jesus- Ahury Perla, Rafael Ferman-Nava, Tyler Gomez, Mylah Meis, Delaney Platt, Miley Sanchez, Luis Sandoval, Diego Velasco and Brooklyn Williams
Spotlight- Reygan Girkins and Taryn Nehring
Music- Kyle Hernandez
Peter- Nate Lutterman
John- Geren Kenney
James- Ashlynd Hudnell
2 side soldiers- Bella Burgos and Zoey Vail


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