Third graders’ art of bake sale raises money for Perry Food Pantry

St. Pat's third graders Lauren Riley, 8, left, and Bristol Gittens, 9,

Perry Food Pantry Site Director Lou Hoger, left, accepts a $300 check from St. Pat’s third graders Bristol Gittens, center, and Lauren Riley, the proceeds from a fundraising bake sale the girls held at Betsy Peterson Designs.

Two third graders from St. Patrick Catholic School in Perry learned some useful lessons about the fine art of the bake sale Friday when they raised $300 and donated it to the Perry Food Pantry.

St. Pat’s students Bristol Gittens, 9, and Lauren Riley, 8, have both been students at Betsy Peterson’s summer art camps, so Peterson’s downtown Perry gallery seemed like a beautiful place to sell sweets.

“Lauren and Bristol have been asking to have a bake sale, just for fun, for months,” said Lauren’s mom, Casey Riley. “Last Friday, Betsy Peterson offered the girls her studio to set up a their bake sale.”

The sale was a success, and the girls cleared $300. After due consideration, they decided to donate their profits to the Perry Food Pantry, and they presented Perry Food Pantry Site Director Lou Hoger the $300 check Thursday afternoon at the pantry.

“This was a very positive experience for the girls,” said Bristol’s mom, Beth Gittens. “It shows the spirit of giving at this time of year and the values they have learned from going to St. Pats.”


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