Trends come and go, but comfort is always in style

Younkers models at the Valley West Mall strut their stuff on the cat walk in the latest spring trends.

It seems to me that the entire point of trends is to get us to spend more money. I don’t know what happened in Milan, Paris, London or New York City this season, but Younkers at the Valley West Mall is promoting florals, white, blue, bold and graphic prints and a ’70s revival as the “new and now trends.”

I must be missing the nuance. Nothing is jumping out at me as starkly different from previous years. And how is white a trend? Isn’t that like shirts with two sleeves being a trend?

Same with blue. If, as Doug Wood tells us, when given a choice, America voted for a blue M&M, then wearing blue — especially considering the ubiquitous wearing of blue jeans –doesn’t seem like an edgy fashion trend to me, but what do I know?

I’d swear that florals and graphic prints have been around for a while, as well as fringed clothing and shoes and crocheted vests. Am I so out of touch that these trends actually came and went and came back again, and I didn’t notice?

Am I perceiving no change when I completely missed the change?

At my level of recognition, Younkers didn’t tell me about any changes that will make non-conformists stand out. But maybe it’s not just white but a certain way of wearing that white or blue or floral print. I’m pretty sure that the retail sector is not telling me that what I bought in previous years is workable this year.

And I’m pretty confident that even if it doesn’t seem to me as if anything has changed, I’ll probably somehow manage to be out of fashion with my comfort-matters-most mantra.

All the same, it was fun to watch the models strut their stuff as the DJ blasted upbeat tunes.
Remember, you heard it here — white is hot this spring.


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