Witches of Wonder join in pre-Halloween high jinx

Thursday's coven convention at the Perry Perk coffeehouse included, from left, Karol Mueller, Myrna Whitehead, Valerie McColl, Joyce Franklin, Connie McGuire, Shirley Ehlers, Kathy Fox, Lois Hoger and Carolyn Guay.

A coven of nine goodly witches gathered Thursday morning at the Perry Perk coffeehouse in downtown Perry, a good omen foretelling a happy Halloween.

Instead of supping on eye of newt and toe of frog seethed in boiling hellebore fog, the spellbinders sipped coffee and tea, and instead of hexes, spells and incantations, they shared recipes.

No monstrous births or stillborn calves were reported following the meeting of the Witches of Wonder, cousins to the Perry Women of Wonder, Shirley Ehlers, Kathy Fox, Joyce Franklin, Carolyn Guay, Lois Hoger, Valerie McColl, Connie McGuire, Karol Mueller and Myrna Whitehead, and they were heard singing in chorus,

When shall we thrice three next meet
In blizzard blast or wintry sleet?
When the raging beast is jailed,
When the liar’s plots have failed,
When the votes are justly cast,
And the losers tally last.



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